Monday, December 28, 2009

APC New Standard Indigo ***DAY ONE***

I spent so much time deciding which pair to buy, but in the end it came down to what I could try on. I don't have access to boutiques in NYC that carry these japanese brands, so APC New Standard it was (i loved the fit too)
oh btw J got me ray bans for christmas. GOOD SHIT

Friday, December 25, 2009

Clarks Beeswax Desert Boot ---> BLACK

I got these boots for Christmas. Good shit right? I ordered wax/protector for them but they sent me BLACK wax... so what did I do? I used that shit. Funky ass results. Check this shit out! Hopefully the black will fade over time and i'll get some kickass hybrid shit like on black overdye jeans.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jean Shop Relaxed Indigo ***DAY ONE***

My Levis are at three weeks today, but I just got these in the mail, so the blacks will have to wait. I'm finally starting to build up my collection: here we have my first piece of raw selvedge denim! I got them off the 11/12 Gilt Groupe Jean Shop sale for $108+$10 shipping. Not bad for a piece of high quality japanese denim. I was worried that the relaxed fit would be too huge in the ass and thigh, but looking at the pictures, I think they'll be ok. Weird isn't? Levi 501s had quite a slim fit on me too. From this point on my new jeans will really be more slim. I've never worn skinny jeans before! I'm just not used to it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Levi 501 Shrink-To-Fit Black **DAY ONE**

Just got these in the mail today. I got them off the Levi's website for 30% off, so they were $25 bucks.. but then you add $7 shipping and op there go my savings. But really, I'm wicked happy with how these look. They work nicely even before I shrink them. They're going to be sexy as fuck after they get more fitted. NICE!